Friday. 24.05.2024

A 15-year-old boy was arrested in Spain on Friday for allegedly killing his parents and younger brother at his home in Camp d'Elx (Algoda, Alicante).

The tragic events, first published by Diario Levante, would have been unleashed after the minor had failed 5 school subjects. According to data published by the Spanish press, the boy also refused to do the tasks assigned to him by his parents, who had denied him access to Wi-Fi.

Initial investigations indicate that the boy first killed his mother and 10-year-old brother with a hunting riffle in the absence of his father.

Later, he waited at his house for his father to arrive, whom he shot first in the chest and then finished off with another shot because he "would not shut up."

After committing the murders, he took the three bodies to a shed, where he left them for three days so he "could be more calm."

Confessed crime

The crime was committed on Tuesday but the alleged murderer lived with the corpses for three days, until on Friday he confessed the crime to relatives, who questioned him about the absence of his parents.

Members of the national police department and emergency psychologists traveled to the scene of the crime. According to media reports, the young boy showed coldness at the time of the arrest.

Later, he also confessed the crime at the Elche Police Station.

15-year-old kills his family after argument over school grades, Wi-Fi