Friday. 24.05.2024

The 15-year-old alleged perpetrator of the death of his parents and his little brother has admitted that he finished off his mother when she was already on the ground after shooting her in the back.

"I shot my mother twice when she was in the kitchen. One shot in the back and then I finished her off," the young boy said in his statement to the police,the content of which was published on Spanish TV channel La Sexta.

"My brother tried to run away, but I went after him and caught him first. I waited four or five hours for my father and shot him when he arrived."

Later, the suspect explained that his mother had scolded him for his poor grades and had told him that he was "lazy" and that she was going to prohibit him from playing the video game console. "I went up to my room, got to thinking and got the shotgun," he said.

Later, the teenager hid the corpses for three days in a shed of the family home in the Algoda district of Elche.

Three days with the corpses in a shed

The events occurred on Tuesday, February 8 but were not known until Friday 11, after a neighbor asked him about his parents, whom she had not seen for days.

During that time the suspected killer did not attend class at his high school and even pretended to be his mother, answering some messages that she had received on her cell phone.

After his arrest, the judge ordered his admission to a closed juvenile center in Valencia.

The police officers who detained and questioned him say they were surprised by the "coldness" of the teenager, who showed no sign of remorse for what he had done.

His parents and his brother were buried Monday afternoon. The Elche City Council decreed three days of official mourning

15-year-old killer shot his mother in the back, then finished her off