Sunday. 24.09.2023

Little by little, some details of the investigation into one of the crimes that shocked Madrid last weekend are beginning to come to light.

The Spanish capital city woke up in shock on Sunday after a particularly violent night, in which there were at least three serious stabbings that resulted in the immediate death of two young people, one of them a 15-year-old boy.

The fatal stabbing occurred on Calle Atocha, at the corner of Paseo del Prado, in the center of the city, after the victim attended a party at the nearby nightclub Independance.

Since the beginning of the investigation, the police have worked with the hypothesis that the tragic event was due to a settling of scores between Latino street gangs, which these days have become one of the main security risks in Madrid.

The latest data revealed by the investigation suggest that this hypothesis is on the right track.

A 60-centimeter-long machete

As reported by the Spanish media on Tuesday, the murdered 15-year-old boy sympathized with the Los Trinitarios youth gang (of Dominican origin). At the time the crime occurred, he was hiding a 60-centimeter-long machete in his clothes.

The boy, Jaime G.M., died after receiving a machete blow to the chest himself. According to the same reports, the fatal victim had a history of robbery with violence. The Police believe that his death occurred after encountering rival gang members of the Dominican Don't Play (DDP) gang on the street.

The police are watching the footage provided by the Independence nightclub, by security cameras in the area and videos recorded during the event to find the attackers. Experts are also reviewing videos posted on social media by alleged members of Los Trinitarios who pay tribute to their murdered colleague and issue warnings against the DDP.

15-year-old killed outside Madrid nightclub carrying 60 cm machete