Friday. 14.06.2024

Spain offers people who request a retirement pension the possibility of receiving a supplement of up to 112 euros per month.

This extra money is intended as compensation for retired women who have gone through a stage of maternity and therefore have had to interrupt their social security contributions for a period of time and therefore their retirement pay is lower. This benefit also seeks to reduce the so-called gender gap in pensions.

Strictly speaking, this payment of up to 112 euros can not only be requested by women, although they are the main beneficiaries. According to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, 94.48% of the people who access this benefit are women.

The main requirements to be able to request this supplement are to have the right to a contributory Social Security pension and to have had children. The supplement can be requested by both parents, but only the one with the lower pay will receive it. In the event that both have seen their contribution interrupted for parenthood, it will be granted to the mother.

Men, in order to request the supplement, have to meet two conditions:

  • For births prior to 1995, at least 120 days of absence from contributions must have passed between the nine months before and the three years after the birth.
  • In the case of births after 1995, the bases of the sum of the contribution for the 24 months after the birth must be at least 15% less than the previous 24 months.

The amounts of the supplement

The amount of the supplement is not the same for everyone. It can vary from 24 euros to 112 euros, depending on the number of children:

  • Women with a child: 28 euros per month.
  • Women with two children: 56 euros per month.
  • Women with three children: 84 euros per month.
  • Women with four or more children: 112 euros per month.

How to apply for this benefit

This pension supplement must be requested at the same time that the contributory Social Security pension is requested. The request can be made in several ways:

  • Online: you have to access with the digital certificate, Cl@ve or electronic DNI.
  • Attaching two forms to the Social Security pension procedures platform.
  • In person at the Social Security offices (it is necessary to make an appointment in advance).

The Spanish supplement of €112 per month for pensions of retired women