Saturday. 23.09.2023

The Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma), has organized the logistics for the transfer of Ukrainian refugees who travel through rail transport.

Traveling by train within Spain will not cost these people a penny, according to the government plan.

Since 4 March, when the first refugee trains arrived at the Barcelona Sants station from France, this station has become "the main 'hub' where more than 200 refugees arrive daily," the Ministry of Transport said in a press release.

From Barcelona Sants, many of these people travel to other parts of the Iberian Peninsula, including Madrid, Alicante, Valencia and Portugal.

On the other hand, since the night of 8 March, another mechanism has been enabled to receive refugees in Irún (Basque Country, northern Spain), in this case for those who arrive via Hendaye (France). From Irun, many travel to San Sebastian and from there to Madrid.

Free travel tickets

Since March 3, the main Spanish railway operator (Renfe) facilitates free travel for Ukrainian refugees to any point in Spain, or also to go to other European countries.

"Free travel tickets are being processed at all ticket offices and Service Centers and as of yesterday more than 4,563 tickets have been provided," the government said.

"In order to benefit from free Renfe train travel, Ukrainian citizens must carry a passport or identity document and show it at Renfe sales points, service centers or station ticket offices," the company said in a statement.

Spanish Renfe gives free tickets on all trains to Ukraine refugees