Saturday. 20.04.2024

Iraqi brothers Ahmed Al-Khayyat and Mohammad Al-Khayyat had been working on their ideas for over a year. Then they took a loan and purchased a large van which is suitable for barber use.

Mirrors, a table, and a chair were installed in place at the rear of the car. The name of the brothers' company was painted on the side of the car: Barber Mobile.

Al-Khayyat brothers said there is no other similar kind of service in Finland. According to Helsingin Sanomat, the brothers developed this business idea before coronavirus. However, in March after the coronavirus epidemic outbreak lots of people avoided the contact.

When the two brothers thought their business was in danger, Ahmed figured out how to turn the situation into something beneficial for their business. New ads began to explain to people how safe it is to cut hair on the barber's mobile.

Ahmet said, “People got to know us and learned we were a good option for them in corona days.”

Hair cut during lunch break

Originally, the idea was that companies, for example, could order a barber shop for their office and employees could conveniently cut their hair during a lunch break. Or that at events like festivals, in addition to attending food stalls. However, celebration of events or parties seem very difficult in a short time period.

“This is a very good solution now that people can’t really move. We have gloves and a mask, and we always clean the car after the customer’s visit,” said Ahmed Al-Khayyat.

He believes that even after exceptional circumstances, some people may find the barber mobile safer than a regular barber because there is only one customer in the car at a time.

Ahmed Al-Khayyat does not believe that the coronavirus epidemic would frighten customers completely away from barber shops and hairdressers. He said “everyone needs to look good. Haircuts are a bit like food. That is a necessity. No one can be a year without a haircut.”

Iraqi brothers’ mobile barber very popular in corona days