Tuesday. 18.06.2024

In 2019, there were 10,663 subsidiaries of foreign companies in the Industry, Commerce and Non-financial market services sectors.

These subsidiaries generated a turnover of 555,688 million euros and employed 1,773,803 people, according to data released by the Spanish statistical office (INE).

Of the subsidiary companies operating in Spain, 43.7% belonged to the Services sector, 36.6% to the Commerce sector and the remaining 19.7% to the industrial sector.

The subsidiaries of the industrial sector generated 44.6% of the total turnover of the subsidiaries, those of Commerce 35.7% and those of the Services sector 19.7%.

In the distribution of employment, the subsidiaries of the Services sector employed the highest percentage of people (44.1% of the total), followed by Industry (30.6%) and Commerce (25.2%).

Turnover by country

The countries whose subsidiaries generated the highest turnover in 2019 were France (18.0% of the total), Germany (14.7%) and the United States (11.5%).

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Source: INE.

It should be noted that the 10 main countries concentrated 79.3% of the total number of subsidiaries and 87.1% of the turnover generated by these subsidiaries.

The countries that contributed the highest number of subsidiaries were Germany (13.0% of the total), France (11.6%) and the United States (9.9%).

Subsidiaries of foreign companies employ 1.77 million people in Spain