Thursday. 30.11.2023

Spain's consumer confidence rose for the second straight month in May amid improvement in households' assessment of the current situation, survey figures from the Centre for Sociological Research or CIS, showed on Monday.

The consumer confidence index rose to 76.0 in May from 74.6 in the previous month.

The current situation index strengthened from 61.1 in April to 66.1 in May, as all three sub components contributed positively to the sentiment.

The sub-index for consumers' assessment of the labour market gained by 3.6 points to 83.1 in May, and that for the current situation of households increased by 4.8 points to 66.6.

Meanwhile, the future situation index worsened to 85.9 from 88.0.

The near future

Consumers' view on the economy in the near future weakened in May, with the corresponding sub-index falling by 2.2 points to 75.0.

The survey was conducted from May 13 to 31.

Spain consumer confidence improves further