Wednesday. 17.04.2024

Repsol SA, a Spanish energy and petrochemical company, and Uber said on Friday they have signed a deal to further push the transition of Uber drivers into electric mobility in Spain.

The agreement applies to Uber drivers of 100% electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

It allows these Uber drivers in Spain to use the electric recharging points located both at Repsol service stations and throughout the public recharging network of the company.

The service will be available in Madrid initially and later it is scheduled to be extended to other cities of the country.

Repsol's recharging network currently has more than 2,000 operational recharging points. Of those, over 350 are public, including over 100 fast-charging points, most of which are located at service stations.

1,000 more ultra-fast points

Repsol is also on a mission to further deploy public recharging facilities at its service stations.

The aim is to install over 1,000 more fast and ultra-fast recharging points.

This would make for one charging point for every 50 kilometre along main road corridors.

Repsol, Uber strike deal to boost electric mobility in Spanish cities