Saturday. 20.04.2024

In the year 2017, 116 million pure alcohol litres of gin and geneva worth €729 million were produced by the European Union (EU) Member States, according to the latest data published by Eurostat.

This was 44 million litres, or 62%, more than in 2007, remarks the European Statistical office.

Among the EU Member States, the United Kingdom produced the most gin (82.8 million pure alcohol litres, 72 % of total EU gin production), followed at a distance by Spain (9.9 million litres, 8.5%), Belgium and Germany (both 3.5 million litres, 3.0%), the Netherlands (3.2 million litres, 2.8%), Slovakia (3.0 million litres, 2.6%), France (2.9 million litres, 2.5%) and Italy (1.0 million litres, 0.9 %).

These eight Member States produced 95% of the EU’s gin in 2017.

Production of gin in the EU increased by 62% in 10 years