Sunday 12/5/21


Tense encounter between NATO and Russian fighters on the Baltic

The Russian Ministry of Defence has released a video about an incident occurred last Tuesday above the Baltic Sea. The video has been broadcast by Sputnik.

According to the Russian version, a NATO F-18 Hornet fighter approached the plane in which Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu traveled from Kaliningrad to Moscow. The F-18, which belonged to the Air Force of Spain, approached the Minister's plane and later moved away suddenly, chased by one of the two Russian SU-27 fighters escorting Shoigu's aircraft. Russians say the incident happened when their planes flied over neutral waters in the Baltic Sea.

NATO just said a Russian plane escorted by at least one fighter was tracked on the Baltic sea. "NATO air surveillance mission fighters rushed to identify the plane, which flew near Allied airspace. Once identification was made, NATO fighters returned to the base". NATO claimed to have no information on who was traveling on board.

NATO planes permanently based in the Lithuanian base of Siauliau have as a mission to guarantee the air defence of the Baltic Republics (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) because those countries lack their own air forces.