THEY DEMAND € 450,000

Blackmailers resume extortion of psychotherapy center Vastaamo

Hacker computer room

The website where extortionists have posted the personal and mental health data of hundreds of people reappeared Friday afternoon on the encrypted Tor network after being missing for a few hours.

It seemed like the nightmare was over, but it was just a mirage. The website of the extortionists who have kidnapped and published the personal and mental health data of hundreds of customers of the Vastaamo psychotherapy center has reappeared on the encrypted Tor network.

In the morning, the website disappeared from Tor for a few hours. That sparked rumors about a possible payment by the company of the 450,000 euro ransom (in bitcoins) demanded by criminals to stop their activity.

However, the website reappeared in the afternoon. So far, private data of about 300 people - including some minors - have been published.

The information published could not be more sensitive: it included the patient's name, personal identification number, telephone number, email address and residence address, together with the content of the therapy sessions.

Customers from Kela

According to its website, Vastaamo offers psychological and psychiatric treatment to patients who suffer from disorders such as depression and anxiety. Many of the customers come from public services paid by the Finnish Social Security (Kela).

The criminals started to publish the data of 100 people every day in the encrypted web Tor two days ago. They claimed they would not stop until they received the money.

Unknown nationality

The identity or nationality of the extortionists is unknown. According to the newspaper Ilta Sanomat, the blackmailer had also offered individual patients the possibility of deleting their own data by paying about 540 euros (in bitcoins).

The National Bureau of Investigation (KRP) is investigating the attack as a case of gross breach and dissemination of private information. Police are asking people who have noticed their private information being disseminated to file an electronic crime report.